What is Nashville Hot Chicken?
Nashville Hot Chicken is Southern Fried Chicken fired up with a Home Made NASHVILLE HEAT. 

What if I don't do heat?
Howlin' Jay's fried chicken can as "Southern" which is simple amazing fried chicken without the heat.  Mild is full of Nashville Flavour with only a tiny kick of spice.

How Hot are the heats?
SOUTHERN - No Spice "Simple Classic Fried Chicken"
MILD - Full of flavour with a touch of heat.
HOT - The classic Nashville Style - Lots of flavour & Strong Heat.
CLUCKIN' HOT! - Huge Nashville Flavour & crazy heat that will leave you sweatin' for more.

Do you have Gluten Free Options?
We can naked fry our chicken for you which no breading. Our sweet potato fries, Slaw & Pickles are also GF.

Where is your Chicken From?
We source only 100% fresh, Hormone Free, Cage Free, Local Bred Chicken from the Cairns Tablelands.